Braish Creative House | Mobile Marketing
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Mobile Marketing

Hitting a moving target


Mobile Communications and websites are fast becoming must-haves for successful marketing strategy.

We can help you connect with your target audience, increase your brand reach and deliver a seamless user experience.

If your business is online, the chances are it needs to be accessible on the move too.

Research shows that by 2013 more people will be using the internet on their mobiles than on PCs. We’ll make sure your website is optimized for multiple mobile platforms, integrating new or existing content.


We’ll let you manage it too. We’ll deliver you a content management solution which integrates with your main website platform allowing you to make real-time updates and changes in parallel.


Using SMS messaging, we’ll help you target specific customer groups with information and incentives. It’s a great way of telling customers about new products, sending them reminders, and getting them to click through to your mobile website.


Through proximity/Bluetooth marketing, we’ll help you broadcast targeted messages that can deliver a vast range of digital content. It’s cost-effective and very successful at venues like pubs, concerts, shopping centres, tourist attractions and airports.


Next, QR codes. We use these to help you deliver real time information, which your customers can access by simply scanning the code with their mobiles. It’s highly effective for tourist attractions, ticketing, publishing and estate agent signage and highly trackable.



“Research shows that by 2013 more people will be accessing the internet on their mobiles than on traditional PCs – Can your business afford to ignore it?”