Braish Creative House | Background
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Braish Creative house founded in 1998 by Mohamed Braish –the company’s founder and creative director- gaining more than 14 years of experience in advertising and media production.


Delivering your message to audience was an easier mission, because media channels were limited and the number of viewers were high; today its completely different as people are congested with media messages from different brands through infinite channels and that became boring to the extent that viewers are no longer welling to hear or see, therefore your brand gets in trouble. Throughout our experience we have learned to overcome such trouble because we are aware that consumers do not want to hear your message as much as they want to experience your product.


Braish creative house presents a team of talented and creative minds; our team includes accomplished designers, writers, marketers, producers and artists. We can guarantee that our team are creative and their out of the box ideas will bring life into your brand. We are an extraordinary team who loves music and appreciate all types of art, everyone in our team is similar to each other what differs us is the capabilities we own, together we work flawlessly and deliver grand ideas. All of our dedication comes from enjoying what we are doing.


Creativity is what identifies our work

And we have achieved this through experience with various clients, after acknowledging detailed information about their ideas and objectives we create a solution that involves all tools available, utilizing revolutionary channels popular in today’s world. Eventually we are specialized in fascinating our clients via creative means in order to deliver your message perfectly, and maximizing your opportunity create top-of-mind awareness.


Braish creative house team has no boundaries, our success key is creativity and out of the box solutions. In BCH we believe that